Welcome to my blog of children’s short stories, poems and memories.

Hello, my name is Sue, Susie-Q, Mom, Sis, Grandma, and of course, Auntie. My brother challenged me to writing a blog, which I accepted, so now I spend my time not only quilting but writing too.

Do I have goals? Writing, editing, writing, editing and maybe one day a published book of Children’s Stories for my Grandchildren.

I walk into my garden

I walk into my garden, the smell of rain is fresh. The sun is gently shinning, here is where I rest. God’s beauty all around me, makes my spirit soar. So I sit down on my chair, eager to see more. Quietly I listen, for the bird’s harmonic chords. Leaves rustle in the breeze, asContinue reading “I walk into my garden”

Cat and Mouse

Cat was brown and made no sound When walking ‘cross the floor. Mouse, he sneaked a little peek, “He’s headed for the door!” Cat saw Mouse across the house, His legs were moving fast. His eyes were on the open space And had no time to waste. The door was clear, he had no fear,Continue reading “Cat and Mouse”

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